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Read what the artists I’ve worked with have to say about my services

Top quality content at a great price. Elliott is very reactive and takes some of his time to give you clear and detailled explanations on his work as well as feedback on your track. Go for it !

Great quality. Great communication and feedback.
Gives a professional touch to your track while still taking into account all your wishes and demands. I recommend !




All Inclusive, multiple projects

Elliott has serious knowledge, a great passion for the sound, a well trained ear and is really professional. His turn around times are tight, and prices real affordable. Would recommend to anyone looking to get their musical pieces to the industry standards.


All Inclusive, multiple projects

I used the services of Smart DSP to remaster a 20 tracks album with Elliott ; he gaves it a brand new life and push it to another sound quality level !
Elliott took the time to get to know me and understand my music, although it isn’t the type of music he usually produce or listen to. Great skilled ingineer that knows exactly what he is doing. I highly recommend their services!
Fast, really not expensive and great delivery! I will for sure take their services again in the future.
Thank you again Elliott!!

Amy Lyhie

Album Remastering

Elliott is very professional and easy to work with, he achieved everything we asked of him without question, we will definatly use his services again in the future.

Back & Forth

All Inclusive

Elliott did a great job understanding my intentions and helping me with my mixdowns. Mastering was done quick and good!


Mastering EP

I purchased two times the services of Elliott S. / SmartDSP and to sum everything up: He does a really good job!
He gave me tips how to improve in the Mixdown-Stage which helped me quite a lot also for future tracks (I’m a Techno-Guy) but most importantly: His mixdown and mastering is on point and you can clearly tell by the results that this dude knows what he‘s doing. He takes his time to get your track on a new sound-quality level. Fast delivery included with great service.
The pricing is also good, i guess. I haven‘t searched for similar services in the internet cause i trust this guy.
Best wishes,


All Inclusive

I have used a few studios on Airgigs to master music. Most of the artists here do good, often great work. Elliott is beyond good, he is a rare artist who will take your work to the next level. He is not expensive, and that is a shame, I would have paid him $1000 for the work he did and in the future I will make sure to pay him more. What can I say, I love this guy, he knows what he is doing.

Darwin Starr

Album Mastering

This guy knows his stuff! Was really kind and flexible. Made my song sound completely to the standards I was looking to get it to. Highly recommend him!

Alec Minello


I had a mastering from Elliott and i have to tell you that this guy knows what he does. The analysis of my mixdown was really to the point, i changed what he suggested and it my mixdown was really a REAL mixdown.
The mastering itself was also sublime, of course every body has his own wish but the change of the track was done also if he made the track himself.
I’m a big fan. Keep up the good work Elliott.

Beat Blender


It was such a great experience. Top class work delivered within an hour. I’m just amazed.

Salih Kunduz


Perfect! very professional and helpful, nice customer service and quality of the audio mixing. I recommend!

Ottoman Grüw


Amazing as always, improvises your wants with suggestions and ideas!



Elliott was very helpful and knowledgeable. He was also quick with the delivery.



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