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Mastered by Elliott Sebag


[TDF013] Fine Fine Fine EP By Louis the 4th


Schron EP By Duc de Mourgues & Guilou


Solar EP By Kuzcko


HDL 01 By Hard Drive Library




Super 77 By Iba Boo


[TDF011] Mental Vortex EP By Lowel


Super 77 By Iba Boo


Answer Me By A.J.O


Answer Me By A.J.O


Answer Me By A.J.O


Evenfall (Album) By Vertical


The Sunshine (Album) By Amy Lyhie


Jane Doe By S//ROSE & Evan Hays


Il est vivant! (Album) By Superlabo


[TDF007] Attraction By Arkama, Lowel, Evan Hays

Elliott Sebag – All Credits

  • Louis the 4th – Fine Fine Fine EP (TDF Records, Mastering)
  • GABS-E – SOUKO EP (TDF Records, Mixdown, Mastering)
  • Lowel – Mental Vortex EP (TDF Records, Mastering)
  • Iba Boo – Super 77 (Mixdown, Mastering)
  • Iba Boo – Jive (Mixdown)
  • Kuzcko – Solar EP (Emocia Records, Mastering)
  • Duc de Mourgues & Guilou – Schron EP (Reload Records, Mixdown, Mastering)
  • GABS-E – Instability EP (Mixdown, Mastering)
  • Hard Drive Library – Cliche House EP (Limited Vinyl Release, Mastering)
  • CKS – Infernal Road EP (TDF Records, Mastering)
  • S//ROSE ft. Evan Hays – Jane Doe (Mixdown, Mastering)
  • Mosleo – Wan More Time (Mastering)
  • Arkama – Lose yourself to dance in the warehouse EP (TDF Records, Stems Mastering)
  • Tinalei Tahiti  (Vox Processing and Mastering for multiple covers)
  • Michele Martino – Abstract (mastering)
  • Arkama, Lowel, Evan Hays – Attraction (TDF Records, mixdown, mastering)
  • A.J.O – I Can’t Choose (mixdown, mastering)
  • A.J.O – Answer Me (mixdown, mastering)
  • A.J.O – Little Drummer (mixdown, mastering)
  • Vertical – Evenfall (Electronic music project from Copenhagen, Album supported by KODA, mastering)
  • Evan Hays – White Rabbit EP (TDF Records, mixdown, mastering)
  • Fléoz – Do Something (mastering)
  • Wa5p – Escape EP (TDF Records, mastering)
  • Le Bleu – Chérie Chérie (Sofar Montréal live, mixdown & mastering))
  • Amy Lyhie – The Sunshine (Album remastering)
  • Awakening & Enlightment (mastering)
  • Superlabo – Il est vivant! (Album mastering)
  • Back & Forth – Tunnel Vision (Mixdown, Mastering)
  • Oeana Thread – Unknown (Mixdown, Mastering)
  • DrGl & Mabeck – Sale Détente (Album Mastering)
  • Ottoman Grüw – Rand and Rave (Mixdown)
  • Ottoman Grûw EP (Mixdown)
  • Dressed to Sweat EP (Mastering)
  • CKS – Octyle EP (Mastering)
  • Alex Wolf – Road to Mana (Mastering)

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