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Mastered by Elliott Sebag

Blurry Vision EP by Lowel


Growing Album by GABS-E


The Dragqueen’s Gambit by Tajine Tabasco


Dissident Offspring by NRO

Cyber Golgoth by ABEM


Lusk EP by Guilou


Cours by Jan de Floride


Octyle EP by CKS


[TDF014] Devil Fish Gang EP By Saumon


Messages Personnels EP By Elektra


Entraves EP By Erata


KAS:ST – Astral Talk (Guilou Remix)


[TDF013] Fine Fine Fine EP By Louis the 4th


Schron EP By Duc de Mourgues & Guilou


Solar EP By Kuzcko


HDL 01 By Hard Drive Library




Super 77 By Iba Boo


[TDF011] Mental Vortex EP By Lowel


Super 77 By Iba Boo


Answer Me By A.J.O


Little Drummer By A.J.O


I can’t choose By A.J.O


Evenfall (Album) By Vertical


The Sunshine (Album) By Amy Lyhie


Jane Doe By S//ROSE & Evan Hays


Il est vivant! (Album) By Superlabo


[TDF007] Attraction By Arkama, Lowel, Evan Hays

Elliott Sebag – All Credits

  • Amy LyhieI’ll be alright LP (partial recording, mix, mastering)
  • NRODissident Offspring (mastering)
  • LowelBlurry Vision EP (mastering)
  • ABEM – Cyber Golgoth (mastering)
  • Lehalles – Suyhay (mastering)
  • MZA – Rythms of Revolt (mastering)
  • New Rave Order – Acid Cats Are Black (mastering)
  • Tajine Tabasco – Hyperjazz (mastering)
  • Chacal Noir – Merapi (mastering)
  • JÆLBIRD – Ket Bussin (mastering)
  • MORSURE – Indomitable (mastering)
  • Rorganic – Anxiety (mastering)
  • Y-NØTHazard EP (mastering)
  • ElektraMessages Personnels EP (mastering)
  • ErataEntraves EP (mastering)
  • Louis the 4th – Fine Fine Fine EP (TDF Records, mastering)
  • GABS-E – SOUKO EP (TDF Records, mix, mastering)
  • GABS-E – Instability EP (mix, mastering)
  • Lowel – Mental Vortex EP (TDF Records, mastering)
  • Iba Boo – Super 77 (mix, mastering)
  • Iba Boo – Jive (mix)
  • Kuzcko – Solar EP (Emocia Records, mastering)
  • Duc de Mourgues & Guilou – Schron EP (Reload Records, mix, mastering)
  • GABS-E – Instability EP (mix, mastering)
  • Hard Drive Library – Cliche House EP (Limited Vinyl Release, mastering)
  • CKS – Infernal Road EP (TDF Records, mastering)
  • S//ROSE ft. Evan Hays – Jane Doe (mix, mastering)
  • Mosleo – Wan More Time (mastering)
  • Jan de Floride – Cours

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