H-BANK002 - Ableton Live 10 Suite optimized Presets Pack

H-BANK002 is a Presets Pack mostly oriented towards Mixdown & Pre-Mastering which includes :

  • 67 Audio Samples (HQ & Royalties free) including 40 Kicks and 27 polyvalent drums,
  • Over 120 original presets (Drumracks, Effects, Effects/Instruments Racks...),
  • Production & Mixdown Templates v3.2 (Optimized routing & layout for a faster and more productive workflow),
  • Look at the bottom for Demo video.

    Note :
    • This Presets Pack is made for Ableton Live Suite 10.1.x users.
    • This pack is often updated & enhanced with new content.
    • ALL future updates are available for FREE to pack owners.

Sale! $3.99

Demo Video:

H-Racks (Full or FREE) - Ableton Live 10 Suite Racks Presets

H-Racks (Full version) is a Presets Pack mostly oriented towards Mixdown & (Pre)Mastering.
H-Racks (FREE version) is a lite version of H_Racks.

To see what's included in H_Racks full or free version, reach the products pages with the buttons below :

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